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Dominic takes another deep breath, at the suggestion of Savannah. "I know, I know. It's just... if we lose, we have to wait another month and if we fail too many times... I just don't wanna think about it." He twists his head to the side, popping his neck loudly. "Ok. Now I'm really ready." Then she told him about the choice he had to make. He totally knew that... He spends a moment scraping his brain for anything about his choices and then speaks. "Trapinch. I don't know how it fights... It'd be the most fair matchup..."

He thinks for another second. "Or, which is the strongest?"
Savannah smiled wryly. They're all at about the same strength. However, I think I'd say that the geodude is likely the strongest out of this particular batch. However its impossible to really know a pokemon's strength until you battle it yourself. Trust your gut.