First: OOTS #1000 is coming later tonight. I just need to get this worked out first.

After literally years of fans telling to do so and me resisting, I am finally capitulating and releasing digital PDF versions of the Order of the Stick books. Right now, the first two books in the series are available—Dungeon Crawlin' Fools and On the Origin of PCs. You can buy them from Gumroad, a fine purveyor of ephemeral goods.

Artist's interpretation of what looking at these books on a computer screen might look like.

Here's a bulleted list of features:
  • PDF format that works great on the tablet of your choice!
  • Art is still in its native vector format, allowing you to zoom in with no loss of quality!
  • Updated lettering to match last year's Blood Runs in the Family and current strip dialogue!
  • Dungeon Crawlin' Fools includes an all-new essay, "Ten Years of Crawlin'," looking back on the old material wistfully!
  • Fully bookmarked and, in the case of DCF, hyperlinked to each strip referenced in the commentaries!
  • No digital rights management—just a single watermark on the front cover!
  • Some typos fixed, others almost certainly introduced!
  • Digital delivery allows lower prices! Just $10 for On the Origin of PCs, $15 for Dungeon Crawlin' Fools.

Expected FAQs!
I can't figure out how to buy them!
You can get to each book individually by clicking the links above or the pictures, or you can get to the Giant in the Playground profile page at Gumroad (which lists all the products we have one page) by clicking here.

Will the rest of the books be coming out?
Probably. Unless these really fail to sell at all, in which case I won't bother.

When will the rest of the books be coming out?
Uncertain, but the more demand there is, the quicker I'll release them. Converting and relettering the art is time-consuming, but not difficult—I worked on these ones on days when I wasn't feeling creative, so they don't really take away from getting new strips or Kickstarter rewards done. But still, it does take time, so I'll have to prioritize it based on response.

How do I get my PDFs?
You'll get an email with a download link a few minutes after ordering. Keep an eye on your spam folder, just in case.

What does the watermark look like?
It's on the first page (the cover), and it's a small grey ribbon-shape with the Gumroad "G" logo, next to which it says "Sold to" and then the email address that you gave when you purchased the book. So don't buy using your top secret email.

Why do the listings say that they're 76 pages and 164 pages when the print versions are 72 and 160?
The page count includes the front and back covers, inside and out.

Why did you reletter the old comics? I like Comic Sans!
For the same reason I relettered Blood Runs in the Family—because they were created on an old version of Adobe Illustrator, and updating to the new one caused them to burst their balloons slightly. Since I had to touch each one manually to fix it, I decided I might as well use the current font.

Why did you change the typography on the commentaries?
The original layout for both of these books was done in Quark Xpress 3.3—a program I don't have access to anymore, so I couldn't even open them. I needed to lay them out from scratch in Adobe InDesign, which is what I've used for the more recent books. That meant retyping the old commentaries.

Did you make any other corrections to the art?
A few really egregious errors that had slipped by, though I probably missed some yet again. Not much else. I didn't correct all the terrible mouths and crooked lines in the early strips, if that's what you're asking—except for the wavy borders, which I had already fixed for the original print Dungeon Crawlin' Fools.

Why are you using Gumroad instead of (insert name of other company)?
Because they charge the lowest commission, which means I could lower the price more. Plus, most other companies that offer a watermark service add it to every single page, which seemed like overkill to me. One page is enough.

Can't find the email with the download link?
Quote Originally Posted by Keltest View Post
Word of warning for the slightly inattentive: I got an email with a download link for each, as described, however said email also began with 'You will receive an email with a download link in a few minutes."

Just make sure you look at any emails relating to his fully so you don't accidentally delete the download link!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or technical difficulties, feel free to post them here (though I don't know how much help I can be with the technical stuff; we may have to wait for Gumroad customer service for that).