Lisaa's thinks about words that Bronsk said. What if ... could it be ... impossible ... but it makes sense ... a werewolf could open the door ? All this talk about werewolves recently ... my home is where my heart is, with me, a restless spirit ... and my spirit is in my heart, could the spirit be the werewolf of me ? The mirror of my self which I hide from others and which I own, from which I can't be divided ... this sounds right, but what to do now ? Can I trust this people ? From what we have talked so far, they seem to be wise and tolerant and don't condemn werewolves ... a trading company accepted a werewolf to work for them. We also welcomed the hobgoblin quite quickly when he appeared. Should I reveal my true self to them ? This door might be very important ...

Lisaa coughs slightly and stands up, looking insecure at the others. "Uh, I might have an idea. Well, somehow. Could it be that a werecreature could open the door ? They are usually outcasts and wanderers, their home is where their heart is. Their were-spirit is always with them and they hide this mirror of their self from other people. They own this were-side of them, it can't be taken from them.

You might wonder how I can think such thoughts, but,"
she takes a deep breath, "to tell you the truth, and don't fear, I am a werewolf."