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    General Feats

    Blacklung [General]

    You have grown up within smokey, polluted locales and are accustomed to it.
    Prerequisites: Con 13
    Benefit: You may breathe within heavy smoke without immediate ill-effects. You need make a fortitude save only every minute. You also receive a +4 bonus on saves against inhaled poisons (such as smoke) and diseases.
    Normal: You must make a fortitude save every round you remain within heavy smoke.


    Carrier [General]
    You are a host to an infectious disease.
    Prerequisite: Disease Immunity
    Benefit: You may choose one disease you have gained immunity to through the prerequisite feat. If you are exposed to this disease you become a carrier of it within 2d6 days.

    Depending on the type of infection, you may infect others with it in a number of ways.

    Ingested: To spread an ingested disease you must sustain damage from a bite attack.
    Inhaled: To spread an inhaled infection you must use a full round action to breathe out a lungful of infected air. This cloud remains in place for a number of rounds equal to the carrier's Constitution modifier, though a moderate wind (11+ mph) or higher disperses it immediately.
    Injury: To spread an infection through injury you must make a bite attack against your opponent. If you do not have a natural bite attack you can still attempt to infect. You may attempt a bite attack with a -5 penalty, granting an attack of opportunity, that deals 1 point of damage plus the disease.
    Contact: To spread a contact disease you must make a touch attack against your opponent.

    The DC of this disease is equal to 10 + half your HD + your constitution modifier.
    Special: If you are the target of a spell or power that heals diseases you lose the ability to infect until you are exposed to the disease once more.


    Dislocation [General]
    You can bend in ways you were not meant to.
    Prerequisite: Agile, escape artist 5 ranks
    Benefit: You can dislocate bones and move them about in painful ways. You may take 10 on escape artist checks. Each time you take 10 however you must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC = to escape artist check) or take 1d4 non-lethal damage.


    Frantic Might [General]
    You can perform mighty feats of strength at the cost of your health.
    Prerequisite: Con 13
    Benefit: As part of your action you can psyche yourself into a brief surge of wild strength that lasts for 1 round plus 1 additional round equal to your Constitution modifier before use of this feat. For each point you increase your strength you take 1 point of constitution damage at the beginning of your next round and become Fatigued.
    Special: You cannot use this feat while exhausted or fatigued.


    Lightfooted [General]
    Prerequisite: Medium or smaller size
    Benefit: The DC for survival checks to track you increases by +4. For each size category smaller than medium this bonus increases by another +4.
    Special: You gain a +2 bonus to Move Silently checks and take only half damage from caltrops.
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