Mia arrives, flushed but smiling. "Ah. Great to see that you're all in good shape. I became worried when you didn't return. When Astrid returned and told me about your discoveries, I rember reading about them, and here is the book." She proudly displays the book for all to see. "The war of the beasts... hopefully this can shed some light."

"The Ninjizuishou, or the warriors of light, was a group of seven strange heroes. Led by the Mystic known as Michelle Ami, they created seven strange relics. The reason for this is currently unknown, as most history regarding them has been destroyed due to mysterious circumstances. What little is left describes only their leader..." "Here comes some description of her as a person. She is described as a very intelligent and strict person. She apparently also studied something called physics and chemistry, and was very skilled with math. Now this is something I found interesting. "Despite being described as a woman in the service of Good, she and her group allied themselves with the werecreatures during the war of the beasts. The reasons, and outcome, of this is not known. Rumour has it that the relics they created was used to seal away the greatest weapon of the werecreatures..."

Mia stops reading. "That is the only relevant information I could find I'm afraid. I am not sure how much we should trust this though. The book itself is pretty badly made, and seems to be based of rumours and prejudice rather than facts..." She glances around swiftly. "I don't know about you, but I am interested in finding out what all of this really is all about." Suddenly she realise what she has been doing and blushes. "Uhm... what have you found out?"