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    Default Re: OOTS 2016 Villains Calendar and 2015 Holiday Ornament

    I just need to note that Redcloak looks unbelievably badass.

    EDIT: Also,
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Q: I still have money leftover; do you have any other new OOTS products you haven't mentioned?
    A: Yes! While they came out a month or two ago, Morland Miniatures is now offering gaming minis of three new OOTS characters: Nale, Sabine, and Thog. You can get them here.
    I imagine that "here" is supposed to be hyperlinked? It's not.
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    Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking).

    Cuthalion makes great avatars. Like my Silver Dragon.
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    It would be nice to just change the title of this thread to be "stuff about Jedi"