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    I guess I should probably post one of these...

    Name: Ninja_Prawn. Ninja or Prawn is fine; I prefer N_P to NP, because it looks like a weird face.
    Ways to Contact: PM is probably best.
    Posting Frequency: I'm on every day. Life can be busy sometimes, but the same is true for everyone.
    Type of Campaign: D&D 5e mostly, also familiar with the Unofficial RWBY TTRPG. I'd be willing to learn a new system if it looks like it'd be worth it, but I'm not interested in learning an old system, if you know what I mean. Oh, apparently I play High School Harem Comedy now. Random!
    Types of Characters: I'll play anything, though I gravitate towards quiet, feminine characters with a bit of magic. I have a soft spot for faeries, but I try to keep it under wraps as much as possible.

    Spoiler: Characters and Games
    Character Description Game System Current Status
    Chandara Lueltar Drow cleric of Oghma The Awakening (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Alysűla Qualirine Half-elf bard Temple of Elemental Evil (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Gellif Half-orc wild mage Iron Gaea (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Kamaria Ahiri Sylph arcane trickster Adventures in Pyreed (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Orik "Roseplanter" Egumagala Goliath ancient paladin The Order of the White Rose (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Melora Vaynorin/Cobalt Starlight Forest gnome dark magical girl You Give a Little Love (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Ariel Sevenoaks Human fighter Adventure! (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Arnolf Runebrand Human rogue Threats to the Nentir Vale (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Raven Branwen Human huntress Echoes of the Past (OOC) RWBY Unofficial TTRPG On hiatus
    Sorawyl Kassonor Half-elf wizard Ansalonian Adventures (OOC) D&D 5e LIVE
    Mitchell Montague Human idol singer/cuckoolander/dojikko New York Looniversity (OOC) HSHC Not live
    Rebirth Velathor Tiefling fey-pact warlock Exploring the New Dimension (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Norgrim Bladebreaker Dwarf champion Crimson Ashes (OOC) D&D 5e Not live
    Hazel Twinkleshine Pixie lore bard All Creatures Great and Small (OOC) D&D 5e Not live

    Other Information: I prefer fun, quirky and unusual games over highly-optimised ones. Although I produce a lot of homebrew, I usually prefer games that stick close to the core material.
    Health Warning: I am a DM at heart and tend to have a pretty good knowledge of whatever ruleset we're playing under. You have been warned!
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