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Aye, its a bit of an odd duck, but I could even imagine it being manifested on folks to help them out instead of trying to Daze them.
I was thinking that, but-- hang on, let me continue this thought in reply to your bit about the saves.
However, offensively, what you should do is manifest it and then immediately stop concentrating next round. Boom, instant -4 penalties without a save for an hour.
Naw, one will save in the beginning to fight off the ability period. Then you have to make additional ones as you become addicted.
Hmm, okay. But that suggests that to get the benefits, you have to fail your save in the first round, leaving you dazed; then in subsequent rounds, make your save, keeping the benefits but fighting off dazedness. Is that right?

By the way. Animals? Sick. Aberrations? Ewww.