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Huh? You're not doing hank panky with the things. You are tapping into certain parts of their brain and making them feel overwhelming joy in the broad, general sense. In mindflayers for example they'd probably just have the sensation of gulping down the best brain ever.
Yes, but there is still something creepy about tapping into an aberration's pleasure centres and making it feel good. (And the way it's described in the first post, I wouldn't read it as 'joy in the broad, general sense'.)

Rogue: Help! The gibbering mouther's got me!
Psion: Hang on, I'll distract it...
Rogue: *gets free and runs* Phew! Thanks a lot... what did you do to it, anyway? It just started sort of trembling and making squelchy--
Psion: I don't want to talk about it.
Fighter: Ack! Rust monster!
Psion: *shudder*

Even if you envision manifesting euphoria on an animal as being just like scratching its tummy, doing the same to an aberration is still kinda weird.

Anyway, this may just be me. As usual, a very cool idea with intriguing complexities.