*just slowly backs away from Peregrin*

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I'd say that this is a very interesting power. However, a -4 penalty for an HOUR? Why? BoED have TONS of elationlike supernatural effects, and none of them have any kind of drawback when it ends.
Well, for one those are 'holy powers'. They wouldn't let you feel the letdown at the end. This however is directly targetting a being's portion of the brain. I'd think there would be a bit of a depressive period afterward to come back down out of the clouds. Then again, I don't even drink coffee so dunno what its like to be off of a high.

Also, would you be able to Distill joy from someone under the effects of this power?
Err, well... yeah, I guess it'd count.

What would other Elation spells and powers do? Negate the penalty, negate AND give the full bonus, or just give a bonus to offset the penalty?
I'd say they would do exactly what they say. If they give a +4 and he's already a -4 then it'd just offset it.

In addition,I'd suggest making the sadness curable by Hearts Ease.
Good suggestions, will adjust.