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    Default Re: Broken One Warlock (Crushedsoul), a 5e edition subclass by EnderDwarf

    Quote Originally Posted by JNAProductions View Post
    Fluff is cool.

    Broken Mind-This is worded oddly. What do you mean by both spirits taking damage? You're still one character.

    Driven Out-That's a little too powerful. If I'm reading it right, (and I might not be, it's kinda poorly worded) you get something with an 18+ your Dexterity mod in Dexterity. So let's assume you have a Dexterity of 14. That gives it a Dex of 20. That means it's hitting at +8, the same as a Fighter, with two attacks, the same as a Fighter, and deals 2d6+8 damage, even better than a Fighter. And this is a bonus action every short rest?

    Even if it just has a Dexterity of 18, it's still +7, two attacks, and 2d6+7. That's basically as good as a Fighter (trading a point of accuracy for two points of damage.)

    I take back what I said-it's not a little too powerful, it's really overpowered. This needs to be toned down a LOT.

    Two Ways To Slay-Add in the detail that they are cast at spell level 1. Then I think this feature is okay.

    True Self-This seems really weak. It's a big penalty for a paltry bonus. The advantage on Intelligence saves is nice, but still really weak.


    Broken Mind-Needs to be clarified, but seems okay.

    Driven Out-Needs to be toned down a ton.

    Two Ways To Slay-Needs a minor bit of clarification, but should be good.

    True Self-Needs a major buff.
    Broken Mind, the part next to it is just for fluff so the feature is clear enough. (I ment that psycich damage is in my campaigns more targetting your soul than mind, and you have two souls)

    Driven out. It doesn't have many HP and low AC, it is 1 minute and it is concentration. Furtherly if you take damage it does too. I don't think it is stronger than conjure animals 1/rest (also same offense at least and way higher defense). I think I could change it to 1/day but not sure

    Forgot to add as a first level spell. Was a bit in a hurry cause I had to eat. Thanks you reminded me

    True self isn't really strong, but I think it is good enough. Not worse than the fey level 14 feature I'd say. What would be your suggestion for a buff? Although I don't really think it is needed I buffed it a tiny bit.

    Thanks for the feedback
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