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    Lightbulb [Feat] You will do as I say...

    The Voice [General]
    Your voice commands utter obedience.
    Prerequisite: Int 14, Cha 16, Diplomacy 10 ranks, Intimidate 10 ranks, Sense Motive 6 ranks
    Benefit: By controlling the subtleties of your voice, you can speak to a thinking, sentient creature's unconscious mind, commanding it in a way that the conscious mind is aware, but cannot resist. You must study the being you wish to use the Voice on for 3 minutes, and hear them speak at least once during this observation. While studying your target, you may undertake other actions so long as your attention stays focused on the target.

    The victim must be within 10 feet of you and are capable of hearing you and understands the language with which you use the voice. If you succeed on your Intimidate check you may force them to perform any action that takes a full round or less to accomplish. This ability works on those normally immune to fear and they are not truly intimidated. This action is performed on the target's turn. Any subject forced to take actions against its nature gains a +4 bonus on their opposed check. Obviously self-destructive orders are not carried out.
    Special: Targets that possess this feat gain a +10 competence bonus on their opposed check.
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