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There's also Jaws of death (gain a 1d6 bite attack as a secondary natural weapon), Second slam (you gain a second slam, duh), Spiked Body (your body grows armor spikes so you can hug things to death), and Unarmored Body (if you want to waste your capstone feat for some reason, since you don't gain composite plating when becoming a warforged). Or construct lock that gives +2 damage against constructs and a bonus attack in lieu of a critical confirmation that could turn the construct immobile and helpless if it deals at least 1 point of damage and fails a fortitude save.
I looked at those and skipped them for a reason, but now I don't remember what the reason was. They're perfectly plausible choices (other than Unarmored Body, which should go in the guide as a "do not under any circumstances do this" anyway). Now added to the guide!