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750 men turning in an instant to engage a single target with concentrated fire is such a miraculous feat of command logistics that holding it up as a viable Simulacrum emulator is flat out ridiculous.
750 archers all firing at the only target is nor remotely miraculous.

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Even IF the army somehow could bring it's entire force to bear against a single target they'll be attacking the Wizard with disadvantage because the army will be engaged at night, or in fog, or the Wizard is strolling around with greater invisibility. And since they'll be at disadvantage, next to 0 attacks will hit since the mechanic alone all but negates rolling 20s. Our wizard is now free to pick them off at his leisure.

Heaven forbid if your Wizard actually took lucky in which case he's all but immune to the mundane force.

5E threads love to miraculously empower armies to perfectly engage a man sized target with its full offensive power at long range in the dark. It's just silly.
That's an awful long way to shift those goalposts. The fact that 750 troops can't beat the wizard in every imaginable circumstance in no why shows that a simulacrum of a 13th level wizard invalidates the other PCs in a party, which was your initial claim.