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So...I've been on the forums for a hot minute and have never gotten me a custom avatar. I think I would like to request one.

I would like a "final fantasy style" Red Mage. My forum avatar is named for my favorite 8-Bit Theatre character, and I think I would like an avatar that looks like him, not just the default red guy.
So, as a big 8BT fan myself, I couldn't resist having a quick go.

As you may recall there was once an OotS-style guest strip for 8BT, and I copied the Red Mage from that for this avatar, the only real difference being that this one has a scarf over his mouth. It is however pretty basic, as that strip was a fair while ago in OotS terms. I can spruce it up a bit (with the normal caveat that my avataring is a little amateurish) but I thought I'd show you this one anyway.

Mary I have fixed the hand on the avatar. Additional crows still incoming.