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You say AoS is undergoing a lot of growth where you are? I've fallen completely out of touch with my gaming circle since I moved country so I have no sense for that ATM - would be curious to know if true. Considering the reception of its launch it has a lot of ground to make up.
Up here it's kinda weird, we've got one of the smaller player bases of the Australian GW's, yet our store was ranked 3rd in how well AoS did/sold, to the point where (from my understanding), we're one of the few places to have an open copy of every AoS book (whereas there's no open copy of any 40k 'dexes since Necrons). AoS has been the dominant game for the last ~6 months here and it's only gotten stronger since the Generals handbook was announced, then again once the manager came back from the workshop where they rolled out the book to staff, and then again now that we've got an open copy. We've already had 2 store AoS campaigns and now quite a few people have started new AoS armies for the realm war or whatever the global campaign is.

It's doubly strange since this place normally goes in cycles of 40k for ~6-8 months then Fantasy for 4-6 months but lately it's been all AoS all the time with 40k very much on the backburner. Out of the last 4 tournies for 40k, 2 have been cancelled from lack of interest, 1 delayed due to lack of interest/poor timing and 1 run with a low player-count. In fact, there's now not a single person up here without some sort of AoS/Fantasy army (though there's a couple of us who don't play AoS) where there are at least 2 people without any 40k.