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    Kobold tastes like chicken.

    Giant lizard tastes like alligator which tastes like fishy chicken unless you do it right.

    Dragon is either inedible or tastes like arrogant chicken.

    Orcs taste like green, gamey human which tastes like gamey pork

    Kraken taste like calamari and make for excellent takoyaki.

    Veggiepygmies are either toxic or make excellent tempura.

    There's a race of dumb, singing mushroom "people" that are fond of (bad) mimicry that taste excellent with butter.

    Per Dilbert, the best part of unicorn is the horn.

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    Chuul might be like lobster. I know a few people who would just need some butter with one of those things. But they are weird, kinda magical creatures, so maybe eating a Chuul could temporarily give you its ability to sense magic?

    I'm sure some Slaad would be a nice starter, although maybe eating too much risks infection with Chaos Phage.
    Lobster-locust, I'd wager. Possibly with a jelly section.

    Slaadlegs are the only worthwhile part to eat.
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