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But I made this hide in plain sight work like the shadow dancer classes hide in plain sight (I'm pretty sure I actually copied and replaced) and that hide in plain sight does not require any cover.
The Shadow Dancer, the Ranger, the whoever. All of them use the same Hide in Plain Sight. In all entries it's stated that a character "can use the Hide skill even while being observed". Look up the Hide skill: there it's stated that a character can hide from view "if she has at least some cover or concealment".
So Hide in Plain Sight grants a character the ability to hide while being observed, BUT SHE STILL NEEDS COVER OR CONCEALMENT.
Camouflage however grants the ability to hide WITHOUT NEEDING COVER OR CONCEALMENT, but doesn't say anything about being observed.
The special thing with the shadow dancer is that for her shadows count as concealment.
For clarification, look up the Ranger class entry. It gets both Camouflage and Hide in Plain Sight, which would be useless if they did the same thing...