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During droughts and such the African crocodiles do move to find new water spots. Both the hippo/crocodile problem in Africa does come about because access to water is important and tend to encourage moving closer to it.

This would be the biggest issue I'd agree with. I've seen it said that traditionally African vilalges weren't built away from water sources, purportedly for this very reason and that much of the tropical diseas issue is that modern habitation has moved closer to water, in part as something Europeans would naturally do since that's how we tended to live in Europe.

I'll admit that "don't drink the destilled water" was something I was told in school by the chemistry teacher (she might also have been worried about her supply). As a half remembered "fact" I did actually try and google it first. A quick look suggested one shouldn't be drinking it.
I would guess that it is more a "don't drink anything in a chem lab; no, not even the water". There is no guarentee that nothing has spilled into it or you have picked up the wrong container, and it would be a dangerous bad habit. The correct response to "but it should be safe" is "shut up and do as you're told". It is not a case of distilled water being dangerous, it is that anything in a lab should be considered dangerous, and kids are dumb.