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I have seen many different test coming to very different conclusion about cloth armour. The thickness of the cloth, the tightness of the weaving etc varies very much. This test for example find the 15 layers of linen AND a deerskin is poor at stopping arrows (yes 75pound at point blank range, but still). Now It is true that some would be thicker, but in many parts of your body 30 layers of linen is simply not sustainable (you get hampered much more than by plate armour, not to mention chain). Also note this video (previously posted by Galloglaich in the Got a real-World weapons and armour question thread), for sword cutting through cloth armour. Other test show much better protection offered by cloth: I cant explain the differences.

As far as protection: as you note it must have offered enough to make it worthwhile, but on the other hand if it offered enough they wouldn't have made armour out of more expensive bronze or iron.

I think the production techniques and quality are going to make a big difference. The UWGB team working on recreating linothorax armor seems to have found a working build.