Duly noted.

I will mention I've experimented with not exactly the same thing, but something not too terribly dissimilar, to a few of these options I'm proposing.

I've either dipped Cleric or Spirit Lion Totem Barbarian, or Totemist, or picked up an affiliation that gave me Turn undead (and perhaps travel devotion as a bonus feat.) and bought reliquary holy symbols, or granted either pounce, or access to the Sphinx Claws Soul Meld. Because of how Flurry already works, it was helpful, but not overwhelming in my experience. It gave me room to play a hit and run fighting style very effectively, and more importantly, very intuitively.

And haste stacking has been a house rule more often then is has not for me, and it really does feel like "And now everyone's faster, including me. Wasn't that nice of the wizard!". Which is nice since everyone else is getting nice things and I'm not being left out or being made to demand something else.

As for the combat maneuvers, I had an affiliation in one game that was a martial arts school that taught how to do this as you advanced. Not exactly the same but similar. And it worked rather well. I spent that game Tripping, Grappling and Bulls Rushing more often then I did full attacking, and I got to keep doing it the whole game through. It Surprised the DM when I was able to fight my way out of a pin and then reverse it against a Fire Giant he threw at us around level 10 or so (boss Fight.) But it made it interesting since all he had to do was rule that said fire giant yelled for his Oger Guards, who got there about the time most of the rest of the party were coming into combat range (I'd crit succeeded a jump check. House rules. The rest of the party were moving into position except the ranger, who already had high ground with a clear view and damn good cover and was sniping it when applicable.) So they had plenty to fight while the ranger and I worked in tandem to hold it down and whittle it down. It was a damn exciting battle!

I will mention that as that game wore on, Tripping and Bulls Rushing remained effective, but Grappling did still eventually loose steam not because modifiers got too high (they might still have by very high levels.) But because Freedom of Movement effects became more and more common, and thus more and more things were immune to being grappled. So it wasn't a perfect "I Win" Button.

That all said, I shall see if I can make the arraignments next campaign in my IRL group to run with those changes in place, and see what all it does to the way the class plays.