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    Oh it is. Trust me it is hella cool. More damage, more invocations, new invocations, new blast essences, useful class features, new archetypes, alternate class features, warlock feats, you name it. Right now all that's left to do is write out formal invocation descriptions and feat descriptions for about a dozen options that only exist in thumbnail form... and then format the whole multi-page monstrosity for Playground viewing. Unfortunately that's probably a full day's worth of work and I've got a lot of demands on my schedule. :(
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    D&D Remix for 3.x: balanced base classes and feats, all in the authentic flavor of the originals. Newest: shadowcaster. Most popular: monk and fighter.

    Innovative new mid-tier classes compatible with 3.x and 3.x Remix: Machinist, Shapeshifter, Avatar, Magus of Blades, Ritualist, Magician, Dawnblade, Summoner, plus 5 elemental casters!