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    So, Gotten my first bit of feedback for the monk test. It's from another player in the game who's running a Silverbrow Human Cleric of Bahamute/Crusader.

    Spoiler: First offering.
    I am not a fan of homebrew because they don't usually know the other classes as well as I do and don't use that knowledge to make balanced classes. This homebrew author was no different. But the DM approved your class so it is there now.

    When I pointed out that the idea was to get it up to keep up with generally more vesitile and powerful classes then what the official monk is at, and that it's still being tested and refined, he had this to say.

    Spoiler: Second offering.
    Adding two stats (str or dex AND wis) is not comparable to any class. The closest thing is the factotum, who can add int a few times per encounter depending on the level. 10 skill points per level is not comparable to any class. 8 was reserved solely for the rogue. most other classes, which the author of the homebrew claims to be comparing like scout and ranger, have 6+int. The homebrew monk also can get multiple flurry attacks as a standard action, which is stronger than pounce. The ranger rapid shot requires a full round action, and multi shot (which is not available until at least level 6) gives scaling penalties for additional attacks. Pounce can only be used on a charge, while this double or more attack can be used and then still move after, or do something else with the move action. The warblade has a two manuever that are similar, but cannot choose to to hit the same target with attacks on one, and requires two weapons (and the penalties of half strength to damage on the off hand) with the other.

    The adding all knowledge skills is just not like the monk class at all. The excessive bonuses to jump and other skills. It looks like you are getting a bonus to wisdom that must be from the class I assume.

    Pathfinder provided that the monk could treat his monk level as base attack when using flurry of blows. This was a good fix and improved the class by itself so that people wanted to play it again. A few other little things could help. I could see adding wisdom to certain things like grapple or trips at higher levels being a great add. Overall this homebrew is highly powerful at too low of levels and not a well built for balance homebrew. It over compensates many times.

    Personally, I think he's proven he either doesn't know what he's talking about at all, or has a substantial bias of some kind, or both.

    But I did tell him I'd pass it along.

    Edit: I should mention, things the class has done so far in the game.

    1: Succeeded a Fort Save. DC was 18, I had a 23. (I rolled a nat 16.) And I succeeded by more then the bonus to saves I'm testing. Also, I was the only one in the party to succeed, but I was ALSO the only one to roll a number in double digits, so I'm chocking that up to luck of the dice.

    2: Rolled a listen check that gave me a bit of information about what was on the other side of a door.

    3: Rolled some knowledge checks that told me a bit about what I was getting ready to fight (Zombies.) and about my environment. The only possibly useful detail of which was that some of the gem stones were not what they looked like at first glance. (Not even what they actually were mind you, just, there not actually what they look like at first glance. It could prove with a higher result I'd just find out there just a different but otherwise generic and mundane form of gemstone for all I know. Neat setting stuff but possibly not even actually useful.)

    4: Rolled a nat 18 on a Knowledge Religion Check to use for Knowledge devotion for the afore mentioned fight with the zombies. Giving me a +3 to hit and damage total.

    That's it, mechanically. That I'm seeing, it actually doesn't look like anything A Ranger with a bit more knowledge skill access then normal and a couple of lucky rolls couldn't do just as well and just as easily.

    So the guys complaining about that + Ability's I haven't gotten to use yet. While having 3 levels in a Tier 1 casting class, using the devotion feat rules, using the Luck Domain, and having 1 class level and feats from Tome of Battle, and content form Dragon Magic and I'm not sure were else for his armor. (Anyone happen to know what book a medium armor called Dragon Husks that can apparently be had on a budget of 6d4x10 GP with out breaking the bank (he still afforded standard adventuring supplies, 2 mundane weapons, a buckler, and a couple of other extra mundane supplies in addition too.) is from? Medium Armor that gives a +7 to AC.)

    Just, again, for context.
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