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    Dragonscale husk is a fighter alternate class feature, not a purchased piece of gear. It's in Dragon Magic on page 12.

    His objections can be summed up under "melee can't have nice things" and yeah, I've seen them all before and they're largely just vaporous. In some cases he's misread the class (you don't get multiple flurries with a standard action, the class doesn't grant a Wisdom bonus), in others he makes inappropriate comparisons (using weak feats, low-level maneuvers, and flawed Tier 4 classes as his balance point, failing to compare Jump and Tumble bonuses to spells like jump, climb, and fly), and at times his balance assessment is off (pounce is much better than flurry of blows).

    I'd recommend that you not waste your time by seeking opinions from anyone like this who starts with a negative attitude. This guy clearly had a pre-existing grudge and looked only for evidence to support his grudge -- 100% of his response was complaints and he found nothing constructive to say at all. He also isn't actually playing the class, which means he's armchair quarterbacking and not developing real experience to support his opinions.

    You are actually playing it, and even your little bit of experience already makes you a better judge of the class than he is. Keep up the gameplay feedback, and don't bother with the negative fellow any more.
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