Understood. He actually wound up throwing a temper tantrum at the party and the DM and basically demanded the Monk Class be kicked out of the game and either I be required to play first party material, or be kicked form the game for being a an evil munchkin who only cared about overshadowing the party, after the first round of Combat because I killed a Zombie in 1 Round and he couldn't. (He refused to take into account the fact that I rolled a 19 on my first attack and a 17 on the second on Flurry, and that I Rolled 7 on the d8 Damage Die for both, AND that the DM had house ruled the Zombies DR 5/Bludgeoning away to benefit the rogue's use of a cross bow. Even after this was pointed out to him. )

He wound up Rage quitting when the DM and I pointed out that there had only been 1 round of combat so far and that that was not a fair assessment, and proposed as a step down that we'd reapply the DR and just rule "Oh, yeah, that first Zombie dropped a bunch of Slashing Bolts, he must have been security. Toss the quiver to the rouge. Moving on." (Meaning I'd be the only one dealing with the DR, which I was ok with since it would have been a more accurate test anyway.) and that I would be willing to stop running with the knowledge devotion bonuses.

Still wasn't good enough for him and he rage quit, and persuaded another member of the party to do so mid combat, a dwarf sword and board fighter (using the actual PHB fighter class. No Sub Levels, No Exotic Gear, No AFC's, And so far to that point, Core Feats. He felt I was over powered as well.).

(Also worth mentioning about the cleric, he didn't have fighter levels so there's no way he had the armor he had, and he made mention that ONLY the rouge, in all of 3.5, has 8+int skill ranks. Also that he doesn't allow any home-brew except his own when he runs games because only he knows how to balance it properly and not make it over powered. Yeah.)

Mercifully, the Rogue and Druid players have been FAR better sports, and the druid, between attacking with his own Dagger, his Riding Dog Animal companion trained for War, and the Hippogriff he summoned in the first round of combat, has been doing the most damage so far in the fight. That might change now that 5 rounds have expired and the Summoning is over, but we don't know that yet.

That said, The Monk is getting a Wis bonus. It's one of the things I'm testing, one of those suggestions I'd made earlier on in the thread. You had said I should experiment with them, so, I'm experimenting, and reporting in my findings.

So far, they are that 2 people in the party whom I found questionable didn't like it, and 2 more, + the DM, + the other party who's in the linked game that were going to join with eventually, don't see an issue other then "Might want to maybe make sure DR apply's to him and he might wanna hold Knowledge Devotion back for Boss Fights, or at worst case, think about retraining that feat. Maybe. At worse. Remains to be seen really."

I had tried to apply to another game with the Monk Class, but even thought it was a brew test game, the DM didn't feel like he was familiar enough with it as an individual piece to try to run with it. I expect other games will crop up in due course for it to get tested in.