Ironic that the guy who accused you of munchkinry was himself the cheating munchkin. Sounds like a bordline narcissistic personality.

The stock PHB fighter would feel overshadowed in most any group, I'm afraid. Just as well. I'm puzzled about your DR reference, though. DR 5/bludgeoning is bypassed by bludgeoning weapons -- which means your monk's fists punch straight through it. I'd encourage caution for your DM -- if he's that unfamiliar with the rules, taking on a lot of homebrew may be more cognitive load than he can handle. It's best to proceed cautiously rather than take on too much and get in over one's head. Still, you guys know best, so I'll not try to argue you out of your fun! :)

I'm surprised that Knowledge Devotion has gotten so much flack. It's a great feat for enabling Int-based combat builds. We've used it for many years and never felt the need to tone it down, even with some players pairing it with the Collector of Stories skill trick to squeeze out an extra +1 bonus. I guess everyone has different power level expectations.