*Checks.* I apologize, that was my typo. DR 5/Slashing. And everyone else in the party has, and had, the means to DO slashing damage except me, I'm doing normal bludgeoning damage.

I think that was just him trying to Insist I was deliberately seeking to break the game, on the logic that a TWF or Archer build even with Knowledge Devotion would do less damage. (these builds are also usually unplayablely bad unless special consideration is in play.)

And yes, a mostly core Dwarf Sword and Board fighter, in a party with a straight classed Druid focused on Casting and Animal Companion, A Divination Focused Wizard, And the Munchkin'ed Cleric Crusader, would have wound up lagging WAY behind no matter what I did, even if I'd played the same build as him.

Speaking of the Druid, again, with 1 2nd level spell slot + 1 class feature, he was out damaging me with his summons Hippogriff and his Riding Dog animal Companion, consistently, and the Cleric, looking at his die rolls before he rage quit, would have been keeping up with me with Trivial Ease if he could have rolled worth a crap. (He got 1's and 2's for his in combat rolls on attacks before rage-quit.). He had a +6 damage bonus from strength alone, before spells or power attack or Item Bonuses or Maneuvers.

So, I'm not worried that Knowledge Devotion is making it OP. Hell, I could take Kung Fu Genius, Keen Intellect, and dump Wis for Int and I don't think that would be a problem.

As an add on to toning it down, I've spent a few rounds of combat grappling, which has worked to tie down opponents for the other players to kill, and allows them more spot light. The class, with minimal up front work of "oh, I think this feat sounds like a thing a martial artist should know how to do. I'll take it." and it's class features as there being tested, allowed me to seamlessly transition to a support roll to correct the problem.