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    Sounds solid!

    It is my hope that the remixed monk is an effective grappler against at least a substantial minority of opponents. Let me know how it goes.


    I have some questions sent to me via email that I wanted to answer here for the benefit of other readers. So without further ado, a missive from jiriku's inbox!

    One thing that I was wondering about was you fix of the Ascetic feats- I like what you did to them, but I am missing somewhere where you say that the Monk can still freely multiclass between the two classes (like the originals) or did you simply pull that in the change?
    It is the latter case. The remixed monk has no multiclassing restrictions.

    The other question I had was about the Wild Monk Alternate Class Feature from some old Dragon Magazine. It trades Wholeness of Body for Wildshape. The only thing is it is supposed to be delayed until level 6, how would you work this ACF into your remix?
    I would need to see the complete text of the feature in order to work it in, but a simple substitution should be appropriate. I would advise DMs to be cautious about allowing such an ACF: trading a modest healing ability for a powerful combat form is a significant upgrade to the monk's power. With natural attacks, ability score improvements, and natural armor bonuses, you can easily find a monk making 6-8 devastating attacks per round and shrugging off most attacks in such a form. However, the increase in versatility gained by having access to flying, swimming, and scouting forms could be a boon in high-powered games where flexible class features are needed to overcome diverse sets of tough challenges. Carefully consider the power level of your game and the skill level of your players before allowing this option.

    Finally, could you give me a quick explanation of your improved Ki Strike and Defense? I think I get the basic idea of adding magic enhancements, but I was wondering if you still need to maintain a basic +1 (to enhance magic items as per the rules) or can you eventually add a full +5 worth of enhancement bonuses without needing the generic +1 as well?
    You don't need to (and in fact you can't) buy a basic enhancement with the Improved Ki Strike and Improved Ki Defense feats. A monk's body is not really a magic weapon or armor, so you don't need to comply with the usual rules for enchanting weapons and armor. You simply directly select an ability whose prerequisites you meet, without needing a generic +1.
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