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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkat139 View Post
    You have the martial monk receives 6 +int for skills rather than 8 +int, whereas the base skills say 10 + int. Which number is right? I know that with all the revisions a typo could just have been left in so I wanted to clarify.
    Hmmm? Eh, whichever, I don't care. I put that ACF in to silence the "lolwut no full bab?" crowd. None of the players in my campaigns have ever expressed interest in using it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkat139 View Post
    Also, how do Intuitive Strike (BoED) and Empty Strike interact, I would doubt you add double Wis to your attack, but I could be wrong based on the wording meant by "add to attack".
    A remixed monk with Versatile Attack and Empty Strike class features and the Intuitive Strike feat could choose to add Strength to hit and damage and Wisdom to hit, then substitute Wisdom to hit in place of Strength. The result would be to add Wisdom to hit twice and Strength to damage once.

    In isolation, I don't see too much of a problem with this (Dex to hit and damage is more optimal, so this is improving a slightly suboptimal path rather than buffing the strongest choice). However, the DM would be well-advised not to consider it in isolation, but to look at how the player is stacking other options. A monk with a base 20 Wisdom who stacks Wis-enhancing and attack-enhancing items, takes the full BAB ACF, adds Intuitive Strike, and then piles on a few more options could reach a point where hitting is guaranteed and the attack roll is merely a formality.

    In my campaigns I apply a level-based cap on both PC and NPC bonus totals in order to keep the game within some level of sanity. I don't know whether I have ever published them, though. I can do so if you are interested.
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