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Right, but again, exalted. This is a feat were it takes all of 30 seconds of DM narration to get rid of it for that player character forever. "Woops, that lady you stopped form getting mugged who just left? She's a drug runner and she's evil. You just helped evil. You loose your exalted feats! Tough break."

I have seen this and similar happen many, many times. If were to consider the feat outside of isolation, all well and good, but that really should be taken into account as well.
I assume a competent DM in all my work. I don't write for incompetent DMs who want to punish their players. For those players who are fans of my work and are thinking of running my stuff by their current, incompetent DM, I'd advise "fix the DM issue first, THEN introduce homebrew." You can't balance a D&D game effectively with a DM who's out to punish the players for playing. It's impossible. It can't be done. Game balance has to flow from the DM and a DM who treats the game as his own petty tyranny is incapable of managing the game effectively.

TL;DR, if your DM is inclined to take away your exalted feats on a whim, don't recost the feats -- FIRE THE DM.