Reposted from my email correspondence

1. Does the Monk have the same Lawful (unless they take the Chaotic Monk variant) alignment requirement? If so do they follow the normal monk if they change alignment that they can no longer advance as monk?
We don't use alignment at my table, but there's no reason you couldn't keep the monk's alignment requirements.

2. If they have the same alignment restrictions, and they break them, what do you think would happen with multi class feats like Ascetic Hunter? Could advancing in ranger still advance the monk abilities listed in the feat?
Yes, you should still be able to use abilities normally.

3. Wild Monk that I asked about before requires giving up bonus feats at 1,2,and 6 as well as all slow fall progression. Seeing as you added extra bonus feats, does ti seem reasonable those would also be given up for the ACF?
Yes, bonus feats should be granted or forfeited as a package.

4. I like the Ascetic Naturalist since it specifically spells out that Natural weapons count as monk weapons, but with Wild Monk there would be no druid levels to stack, would the feat stack with another wild shape class such as Master of Many forms (for the wild shape improvements only, not exceptional abilities, shifters speech, etc.) ? I doubt it would, but wanted to ask your take.
Levels in classes that increase your druid level for purposes of wildshape, or that stack with your druid level when improving wild shape, will also count appropriately with the Ascetic Naturalist feat. Your wild shape, unarmed strike, etc will advance as the sum of all levels that improve those features.