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    big teej, (pronounced with a dg, like in judge or edge, not tee-jay)

    Ways to Contact:

    PM, via this forum

    Posting Frequency:

    On a typical day, I am capable of posting numerous times as the pace of the game allows, I typically do not post on weekends. Unless I cannot post, I will always post to threads/send PMs alerting my players/GM to interference with my posting schedule.

    Type of Campaign:

    I am comfortable with playing DnD 3.5, Vanilla Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil, Pokemon World, and IKRPG: Full Metal Fantasy. I am learning dnd 5th.

    I am currently seeking a Pokemon Tabletop United Game. I am running one on these forums, and have played in one in meatspace.
    Once the ruleset is complete, I will be seeking opportunities to play Pokemon World the RPG. I am currently running a W.I.P. PTU/PW game on these forums.

    Types of Characters:

    I no longer have preferences over types of characters. I used to default to Tanky Bruisers, but now as long as a class/race's abilities and choices are Meaningful, Fun, and Thematic I will be okay.

    Old Characters:

    I have played games on these forums, but that was many years ago and I do not feel they would be an accurate representation of myself as a player now. The only recent PBP character I can offer is Gabriel Kine of the Iron West Company

    EDIT: I recently played in a very short lived PTU game, The Estin Region, I played Leo the carny

    Old Campaigns:

    Again, I haven't played on these forums in years, and none of the campaigns I participated in lasted more than a handful of pages, all died due to inactivity. However, I have completed an adventure elsewhere, the IC shenanigans can be found here.

    EDIT: As mentioned above, I recently played in the short lived Estin Region game

    Other Information:

    As a Rule, I prefer the use of Orokos over forum dice rollers.

    I am willing to serve as a sounding board and aide for new GMs and Players.

    in the future, after my Kanto game is done, I will be running a much larger game in a region of my own design, GMs of any successful game I play in between now and when that starts will be offered a spot in the game with priority over any other applicants.
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