In seeing that this thread isn't in the necro range, I'd like to say that not only your Fighter, but this Monk especially is simply the default standard at my table, regardless of DM. We have switched over to Pathfinder (And converted the class with us.) and it plays brilliantly. A+ job on it. I'm personally playing one now, our party comp is, Monk, Soulcrafter, Swift Hunter, Soul Weaver (Spheres of Power) the only thing we're really lacking is a healer (Alas I'm only level 4) and so far the party works brilliantly, Soulcrafter is our front line, I act as a skirmisher, hit and run style, the Swift hunter is our resident skill monkey and often fires in from the back lines. Soul Weaver is a cleric-type, this one focused on undead.

I did have a question for you! The Feat Versatile Unarmed Strike, normally lets you choose what type of damage your unarmed strikes do. (Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing) I didn't see anything relating to this in the base class (Or if I did, I passed over it several times, my apologies.) Was it intended that the Monk still needs to take this feat to change their damage types? Or no? Thanks!