AC Bonus: while balanced against Magic Vestment, it isn't an enhancement bonus. Is there an exploit here?

Flurry of Blows: I get what you are trying to do, but listing feats as "it also works with this!" seems silly.

Why not change it to "once per turn when you make an attack, you can make an extra attack as a free action at a -2 penalty based off her full Base Attack Bonus". Don't have it modify the other attacks you make. At 5th it reduces to -1, and at 9th to -0.

Then Greater Flurry becomes "you get two extra attacks".

Dance with the Elements: Are there any competence bonuses to speed in the game? If not, consider making all bonuses here competence bonuses.

Empty Strike: Double-attribute bonus to accuracy. Hmm.

Still Mind: Tiny static bonus. Boring.

Slow Fall: Consider making monks simply not take falling damage if they are adjacent to a wall, and use the amount only when there is no wall nearby.

Ki Shot: Should be a feat.

Tongue of the Sun and Moon: Why not just give Wisdom as a bonus intead of replace?

Timeless Body: Why no lifetime extension?