Quick guys, bring the cheerleaders!

Now, I'm afraid I do have some bad news to impart.

The game has been in a bit of a rut for a while now, and quite frankly, if it drags any longer we face the risk of never finishing it.

As such, I'm afraid we will need to impose a few rules as of now.

1) No new characters. I'm sorry, but there quite simply isn't enough narrative space for the ones we do have already. Minor characters, throwaway NPCs and villains are fine, but we simply don't have the space for everyone to develop a whole new series of relationships and ways to enter the plot. As is, I will be relegating some of my own characters to minor or supporting roles, something I've been doing for a while - but now it's official.

2) No new long/overarching story arcs besides the ones already in motion and the Royal Guard, which already has characters set for it. This means we will actively pursue the current ongoing storylines to bring them to a satisfying conclusion. Minor side episodes are fine, just don't suddenly find a long lost cousin of Von Geister's leading an army of Bount or something. (Ammutseba: I'm afraid we will need to do some of the growing of Nonessentia behind the scenes or off-screen.)

3) I believe we can successfully conclude the game by the end of August or the end of this year. We will try to make this something of a deadline. I understand RL happens, so we may be delayed, but by setting an actual limit we might find ourselves pressed to post more often.

That is all.