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    Inspector Javert's mental attitude was compounded of two very simple principles, admirable in themselves but which, by carrying them to extremes, he made almost evil - respect for authority and hatred of all forms of revolt against it. Theft, murder, and every other crime were to him all forms of revolt. Everybody who played any part in the running of the State, from First Minister to the garde champerte was invested in his eyes with a kind of mystical sanctity, and he felt nothing but contempt, aversion and disgust for those who, only if only once, transgressed beyond the bounds of law. His judgements were absolute, admitting no exceptions. [...] He would have arrested his own father escaping from prison and denounced his mother for breaking parole, and he would have done it with a glow of conscious rectitude. (Victor Hugo)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay R View Post
    Thanks for all the help. I'm still confused, but I'm confused on a higher, more informed level than before.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    It's better than canonical, it's funny.
    Quote Originally Posted by javcs View Post
    Anything can be accomplished with sufficient murder in 3.x.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Simth View Post
    If you explode enough, that's not quite a failure.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    Imagine a ballroom dance, except instead of graceful spinning skirts, there are deadly spikes of death.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Pine View Post
    This is the first time the thought of hurling sperm of an evil outsider at my enemies crossed my mind.
    Quote Originally Posted by IcarusWulfe View Post
    One could almost say, it was an uprising of the poleariat
    Quote Originally Posted by danielxcutter View Post
    They named a medusa after a fudging curry?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonymitsu View Post
    "Oops, plants don't sleep in coffins... uhh.... well, then it just dies, I guess."
    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    Explorer's outfit: now comes with free lesbian.
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestia View Post
    Paper and linen are not remotely made of the same thing. You are grasping at straws here. And then claiming that it's the same thing as corn.
    Quote Originally Posted by SangoProduction View Post
    I love the idea of a centaur swinging wildly through the treetops as the rider holds on desperately for dear life, trying to not throw up.
    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWyrmGold View Post
    "I'm not in your living room, I'm under the oak tree this acorn came from!"
    "Is that how you're getting forest mud on my rug?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Coretron03 View Post
    So when the Ancient Egyptians removed corpses brains, they were optimising them for the afterlife?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    Is your body wearing your body as armor? Probably not, barring a visit to the Far Realm.
    Quote Originally Posted by georgie_leech View Post
    Ink: The Rich Man's Hot Air Balloon.
    Quote Originally Posted by unseenmage View Post
    A rose by any other name would still be a plant and affected by Plant Growth so to speak.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Viscount View Post
    The class is deceptively bland, like a replica of Sunday roast made entirely out of unseasoned potato.
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestia View Post
    I'm guessing that's an oversight as they probably didn't expect badger wizards.

    Have you had enough of unreasonably high LA's and unplayable monsters in 3.5? Then check out the LA-assignment thread! Don't hesitate to give feedback!

    A wonderful writeup of Wee Jas's beliefs by LudicSavant.

    My sparse bits of homebrew.
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    Have you had enough of unreasonably high LA's and unplayable monsters in 3.5? Then check out the LA-assignment thread! Don't hesitate to give feedback!

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