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Here's a difference, though: Countries in Twilight Struggle have the links between them geographical and static because the idea was to give the Cold War esque sense of dominoes falling to Communism that have to be strategically roadblocked. A similar thing that I'm currently thinking about that matters in the modern megacorp world is centers of financial gravity. For instance, if you want to have financial influence in Nigeria you go to London because that's where all the elite businessmen and politicians of Nigeria tend to congregate.

So the connections between countries will, rather than being based on geography, be a hub and spoke model from the big stock exchanges. Gives a nice postnational feel while still having countries be around and interactive.
Mmm... and with the format of a video game you could more easily go dynamic with the connections if desired. Have (or provoke) events similar to Britain this last year or the like, that might reroute some links elsewhere.

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So is there a difference between economic influence and military presence/control?
Judging by the earlier post it sounds like yes, but I'd say there is an argument to be made in favour of removing the latter to streamline things. Include military operations in an economic context instead of as their own thing, or include a sort of stability tracker along the lines of the 3 conflict levels mentioned earlier (maybe that can spread?).