Hishikawa Setsurou is a master of many arts. One of them is the art of acting. It was, in fact, the first he ever mastered - to look uninterested, incapable, was absolutely necessary for him to obtain the space he needed in order to practice anything else beyond what was necessary to becoming the heir to the Hishikawa.

During his many forays into the night, covered by aliases, Setsurou performed in a number of plays for Rukongai citizens and Seireitei nobles alike, albeit without their knowledge. To say the man has conquered stage fright is a lot like saying you need a nuclear device to kill a protozoa.

Which is why, while Momoka's announcement is not entirely unexpected to him (he did suspect she was up to something when she called him to the Koutetsu household of all places), it is not the easiest to pretend has no effect on him. It probably shortens his lifespan by a decade or so to still his heart without taking a deep breath, smile and take Tsuyoi Junko's hand into his own in an affectionate yet appropriate gesture, without trembling, without sweating bullets, and without betraying in his eyes the mix of worry and elation he feels right at this moment.

"Indeed, I feel this union will not only be in the best interest of both our houses, but will serve to give us the chance to set things right - and to weather the no doubt tumultuous times that are coming."