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    Post Kappikyrie


    CE Valkyrie (ToB p.157) Swordsage 1/Assassin 8/Swordsage 1/Assassin 1

    Str 12+14: 26,
    Dex 14+16: 30,
    Con 13+12: 25,
    Int 15+4: 19,
    wis 10+2: 12,
    Cha 8+6: 14
    Stat bonuses go to intelligence.


    CR HD Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Class Features
    9 11 Valkyrie (ToB p.156) 11 7 7 8 Balance 5, Concentration 11, Diplomacy 10, Hide 14, Intimidate 10, Knowledge (the planes) 14, Listen 14, Sense Motive 14, Spot 14, Tumble 12, Move silently 7, Disguise 4, UMD 4, Knowledge (religion) 3, decipher script 2

    Skill Tricks: Acrobatic Backstab, Twisted Charge, Never outnumbered, Clarity of Vision, Swift Concentration
    flyby attack 1 (MM1), power attack 3, greater flyby attack (Savage Species p.35) 6, Combat Intuition 9 (Com Adv p.106), TWF (bonus), ITWF (bonus) Aligned Strike (Su), Electricity Attacks (Su), Lighting Gaze (Su)
    Martial Maneuvers (initiator level 10th), Sonic Burst (Su), 2 slam attacks, Immune cold, electricity, fear, sonic. SR 17, DR 10/cold iron, 40 ft. (8 squares); fly 60 ft. (perfect)
    10 12 Swordsage 11 7 9 9 move silently 15, hide 15, spot 15 12: Adaptive Style initiator level 11, Quick to act +1, discipline focus (Weapon Focus), 6 maneuvers, 4 can be readied, 1 stance, +1 intelligence
    11 13 Assassin 1 11 7 11 9 move silently 16, hide 16, spot 16, UMD 8, Craft Alchemy 1 Sneak attack +1d6, death attack, poison use, spells
    12 14 Assassin 2 12 7 12 9 move silently 17, hide 17, spot 17, Sense motive 17, UMD 10, Craft Alchemy 3 initiator level 12, +1 save against poison, uncanny dodge
    13 15 Assassin 3 13 8 12 10 move silently 18, hide 18, spot 18, Sense motive 18, Intimidate 12 UMD 12 15 Favored in Guild: Jaezred Chaulssin (Knowledge Religion), +4 to death attack DCs. (Dragons of Faerun web enhancement p.5) Sneak attack +2d6
    14 16 Assassin 4 14 8 13 10 move silently 19, hide 19, spot 19, Sense motive 19, Intimidate 14 UMD 14 initiator level 13, +2 save against poison
    15 17 Assassin 5 14 8 13 10 move silently 20, hide 20, spot 20, Sense motive 20, Concentration 15 Improved uncanny dodge, sneak attack +3d6
    16 18 Assassin 6 15 9 14 11 move silently 21, hide 21, spot 21, Sense motive 21, Concentration 19 18 Ability Focus (Death Attack) initiator level 14, +3 save against poison
    17 19 Assassin 7 16 9 14 11 move silently 22, hide 22, spot 22, Sense motive 22, Craft alchemy 5, UMD 16 Sneak attack +4d6
    18 20 Assassin 8 17 9 15 11 move silently 23, hide 23, spot 23, Sense motive 23, Craft Alchemy 7, UMD 18 initiator level 15
    19 21 Swordsage 2 18 9 16 12 move silently 24, hide 24, spot 24, Sense motive 24, Tumble 18 21 Epic Speed initiator level 16, ac bonus, 1 maneuver, 1 stance
    20 22 Assassin 9 18 10 17 13 move silently 25, hide 25, spot 25, Sense motive 25, UMD 22 Sneak attack +5d6

    Maneuvers: Racial (IL 10th) Disciplines: Setting Sun, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw:
    Stances—prey on the weak (Tiger Claw 7th)
    Strikes—charging minotaur (Stone 1st), clever positioning (Setting Sun 2nd), devastating throw (Setting Sun 3rd), mountain avalanche (stone 5th), pouncing charge (Tiger Claw 5th), wolf fang strike (Tiger Claw 1st)
    Boosts—boulder roll (Stone 4th)
    Counters—baffling defense (Setting Sun 2nd), counter charge (Setting Sun 1st)

    Maneuvers: Swordsage CR 10
    scorpion parry (Setting Sun 6th)
    Cloak of deception (Shadow Hand 2nd)
    Shadow Blade technique (Shadow Hand 1st)
    mirrored pursuit (Setting Sun 5th)
    Elder Mountain Hammer (Stone 5th)
    Wolf Climbs Mountain (Tiger 6th)
    Stance: Child of Shadow (Shadow Hand 1st)

    Maneuvers: Swordsage CR 19
    Stance: Ghostly defense (setting sun 8th)
    Raging Mongoose (Tiger Claw 8th)

    Assassin Spells Known
    CR 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
    11 Spells: Spring sheath (Song and silence) 10 min/level quickdraw
    Shadow double (Dotu): weird shadow double attacker
    - - -
    12 Sniper's Shot (complete Adv): Swift; no range limit to sneak attacks - - -
    13 - Swift Ready (Forge of War p.117): swift action equipped.
    Animate Weapon (Comp Mage p. 95): weapon becomes animated object
    - -
    14 Distract Assailant (Spell Comp p.69) Swift; will negates, opponent is flatfooted Swift Invisibility (Spell Comp p.125): swift action 1 round invisibility - -
    15 - - Wraithstrike (Spell Comp p.243): swift action, use touch attacks to attack.
    Sadism (BOVD): +1 luck bonus per each 10 pts of damage done.
    16 - Fell the greatest Foe (Spell Comp p.90): deal more damage against bigger critters Toxic Tongue (Comp mage) -
    17 - - - Sniper's eye (Spell comp p.193): make sneak attacks with ranged weapon
    4th: deathsight (comp mage): Next normal attack is a death attack.
    18 - - Fangs of the Vampire King (spell comp) Shadow Phase (Spell Comp p185): Concealment.
    20 - - - -

    Valkyries are Asgardian Angels of Battle charged with delivering the souls of the Midgard/Primematerial Heroes into Valhalla to swell the ranks of Einjariar with tough MoFos to defeat the forces of Frost Giants in Ragnarok one day. Valkyrie comes from the old norse "Choosers of the Slain." According to the Ancient Tome of Battle, Valkyries arise from the blood of deities that has been spilled in combat and dropped upon the soil of Ysgard. During a particularly nasty incursion into Nidavellir by an aspect of Lolth chasing after the souls of spoiled brat male drow elves (CN instead of CE), her carapace was brought to the surface for triumphant display and immolation before the Vanir gods. Her demonblood juices dropped to the ground, mingling with the blood of heroes and gods who fought battles that day...Thus born was Scab Kappikyrie "Chooser of Champions." A devout follower of Odin, Kappikyrie has made it her mission to bring the mightiest and best heroes from the prime to assure the defeat of the Frost Giants during Ragnarok.

    From Kappikyrie's perspective, the most effective way to collect thost champions is to literally kill them and literally bring them to Ysgard. Kappikyrie doesn't even particularly target "Heroic" people. Anyone with a ton of martial prowess (CR 10 or greater) of any alignment is fine by her. Odin is disgusted by Skab's approach. Odin is also shamefully pleased with her results and has allowed her to continue her project of devotion, just in case he needs that much of an extra edge during the fight to come. He uses intermediary gods to secretly deliver her equipment and means to plane shift / open & use portals to the prime material.

    Encounters with Kappikyrie
    At every Level: Greater flyby attack allows Kappikyrie to attack 10 times while using their movement in a straight line. A gaze attack out to 30' affects would be attackers and targeters. One any turn where there is an unused swift action, Kappikyrie can use the Sonic Burst for 4d6 sonic damage to everyone within 30' reflex DC 17 for half. Kappikyrie doesn't need to land if they don't need to and shouldn't in a battle. Using the Rules for Sense Motive found in Complete Adventurer and her Combat intuition feat, Kappikyrie should know the biggest challenge in any party and direct her pouncing charge and initiator moves on them after a greater flyby attack. A number of quickdraw crystals will allow Kappikyrie to employ a number of different weapons during a greater flyby attack. Consider using the locking garrote (Song and the silence) during the first pass to clamp down on all of the spellcasters, or a mister (DotU p.92) or sprayer (A&EG) filling up squares with poisons/specific potions (oil of gaseous form/bestow curse to take out biggest person...or perhaps any good old fashioned poison). Kappikyrie should have a handy haversack, a net, 150' rope, 3-5 harpoons, thinaun weapons, thunderstones, and all kinds of weird equipment. She should be a bit of a macguyver for equipment and as a personality note, will approach wielders of weird and exotic weapons and ammunition about their techniques and weapon designs. Kappikyrie is an outsider with a secret bankroller for her gear, so when she dies, she just returns to Ysgard. This leaves her gear behind. Kappikyrie will return to attempt to steal any thinaun weapons that she used to store high quality souls. This aspect makes Kappikyrie a possible loot drop encounter every time she’s on the prime material, and thus she becomes useful if the players have had to deal with rust monster and disenchanters or slavers.

    Kappikyrie is evil because she does not care at all about the means by which she goes about pursuing her goals, killing all resistant and inconvenient obstacles as readily and parleying with them. Kappikyrie will elder mountain hammer inanimate objects towards the goal of destroying architecture, trees, bridges, even crumbling it down on herself just to slay her opponents.

    CR 10
    Kappikyrie at this level can be encountered en route to killing a specific high level NPC and brings many tools to the job to do so. At this level, Kappikyrie has it's racial maneuvers as well as 4 swordsage readied maneuvers depending on the task. Kappikyrie carries a number of thinaun daggers that they use to store souls to bring to Ysgard for binding. A suggested clue or encounter should be built around Kappikyrie seeking out direct stewardship of a thinaun mining/excavation operations. Kappikyrie could even hire the PCs to deliver the metal to herself.

    Another option is putting her on a quest to prove herself to Odin that includes her hunting down and destroying a lich who odin thinks will absolutely help in ragnarok, and subsequently returning the phylactery to Ysgard. The relationship of the lich to the PCs goals could bring them into allyship or conflict with Kappikyrie. Although not stat out for lich hunting, kappikyrie could easily be convinced to target lich phylacteries instead of hunting mortals for a few CR/encounter levels, if PCs convince her that this recourse guarantees some help retrieving powerful souls for ragnarok.

    CR 13 Sweet spot.
    This is the level where the best parts of the build are all online. Kappikyrie has a death attack with a DC 22 fort save attached to it (int boosting items will boost the DC more) as well as pounce, Improved two weapon fighting, greater flyby attack, a tiny bit of sneak attack damage, great sneaking skills. Against an opponent who is a target of the death attack, Kappikyrie uses a thinaun Heavy Aspergillium (Libris Mortis) filled with Atramen Oil (Planar Handbook) which confers a -4 to fort saves. Animate Weapon is great for pairing with a dispelling (PGTF) etherblade (Fiend Folio).

    NOTE: Assassin's death attack sucks for PCs to fight against. They hate it because the DM has a huge advantage. If you are going to use Kappikyrie well in these encounters, you need to give the PCs high level targets for Kappikyrie to womp on. You demonstrate that she is dangerous and deadly, but you don't outright kill your PCs. If you're PCs have been adequately warned and offered anti-sneaking defense abilities, maybe you can target a PC with Kappikyrie, but I wouldn't advise it unless your party is cool with your sneak death attacking their character. Further making this feel like a railroading encounter is the fact that pcs can’t revive until you get their soul back from the thinaun weaponry.

    At this level, Kappikyrie should be busy using the drow in the underdark assasssin's guild to find the most worthwhile allies for odin during ragnarok and has decided to aboleth or mindflayer or drider hunting. Whichever is decided as Kappikyries target, she should have gear that represents their intended quarry and a handful of extra weird obscure weapons that they use to do the job and cover a few likely contingencies.

    CR 20
    By CR 20, Kappikyrie should have access to a portal to Ysgard from the Prime material plane. Kappikyrie should be collecting Legendary heroes that she kills however she possibly can. Military Generals, Blood war operatives, the PCs. Kappikyrie, at this level, should be needing a ton of thinaun, and some artisans to handle it and turn it into her weapons. And thus she can be diverted from her quest by drying up her local sources of the material or the beings who refine it into weapons. At this level, she has a death attack with a DC of 31, and a fourth level spell to use a death attack without the 3 round wait. She has ragin mongoose maneuver which can grant her 4 extra attacks on her sneak attack victim, and anyone who is avoiding her gaze attack or when she casts shadow phase has to deal with her ghostly defense stance. Her UMD is crazy high.
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