So, still waiting for that clarification. Just, mentioning.

Anyway, more importantly.

Playtesting Update.

So, the grapple thing continues to go over well. and with the various suggestions and the monk as currently written, I've made an effective knowledge monkey and a very mobile back up scout for out of combat. So far my damage aside form that first fight doesn't seem to be outpacing the party. I've been shown up on that front in the 3 fights we've had since then. First of which was more of the zombies, but with more HP and a new house rule requiring called shots to avoid there DR. This left me capable, but the Druid, Crusader, Barbarian and party's Werewolf were roughly matching me in that regard. And grappling worked quite well again here, and let me set up enemy's effectively, and knowledge let me learn of the call shot thing and point it out to the group. The second fight was a fight against some swarms of ants, and the only thing I could do was hit it with a torch once a round for 1d6 damage only and give the rest of the group information about them and a flanking bonus to hit. (I wasn't useless, but it was defiantly a fight I was not the best suited too in the party.).

The other fight was against some assassin vines and I wound up rolling poorly on attack rolls and not actually hitting it. The Archer, Mage and Barbarian between them took it out in a surprise round + first round of combat however.

So, I have been able to contribute effectively outside of combat on a somewhat regular basis. I've been able to help but on the whole not dominate combat. It is also worth noting I could, if I desired, up my characters game with a couple of feats and some different tactical choices in most but not all of these, if I needed to keep up with a higher op group.

Game has currently moved up to level 7. I now have improved trip and the Knockdown feat form the SRD. Which gives me an added Debuff option and thus another way to run some support for the party.

Finally it is worth noting that I am holding my own against at least one Tome of Battle user, but am not using any Tome of Battle. Which I think is a good thing.

Feed back has been a few cases of "Wait and see." and "oh, ok, that makes sense." and "hey, that was neat." since last update. The general agreement seems to be when the monk isn't getting crazy high rolls and isn't using knowledge devotion, it's no worse then most of the rest of the party. I actually don't think the knowledge devotion was that bad myself, but this party is a bit lower op then I'd originally anticipated, and moving to more of a support roll with grapples and now trips and knowledge checks to learn things about enemy's seems to have fixed there initial concerns. The DM has also mentioned that later down the line the really high damage output I seemed capable of against certain opponents might come in handy, so I don't think he's hit the party hard yet.