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    Red Lion

    Alias: Lion
    Gender: Male
    Species: Orc...?
    Age: 47
    Occupation: Hunter, ex-Gladiator


    Red Lion is a fearsome giant of an individual, standing at 7'8" thanks to the demonic blood magic experimentation conducted on him by unscrupulous and powerful wizards intent on creating a perfect individual. The origin of his gladiator name is the long mane of thick black dreadlocks that hangs nearly to his waist, covered in red ocher mud to match the red tattoos that mark his face and up his arms. The survivor of hundreds of pit fights, his dark skin is covered in countless scars across his entire body, showcasing decades of experience killing both man and beast. His harsh lifestyle has made its mark in other ways, aging him before his time - slight streaks of grey shoot through the black of his dreadlocks and short beard, and his face is prematurely lined and weathered. Despite such hard circumstances, Red Lion could still definitely be considered to be incredibly handsome, and his well-muscled body the envy of any man even half his age.


    Focused. Meditative. Philosophical. Red Lion has lived a lifetime of slaughter - though not the brightest man around, and certainly not at all educated (he can't read, for instance), he's come to appreciate thinking on the higher philosophies and mysteries of life. In any case, the demonic corruption running through his blood has provided him with an overabundance of patience and caution - to be immoderate in his passions would risk reawakening the rage that lurks darkly beneath his still demeanor.


    Red Lion has little in the way of magical gear, preferring to wear plain furs and leathers and arming himself with weapons scavenged and crafted from the materials of the hunt. Most notably, his weapons include a horn bow, a spear and hatchet, several javelins, and some long knives, including a favored curved dagger with a lion's tooth in the hilt.


    Red Lion's demonic blood gives him incredible strength and resilience, that is only enhanced when his blood begins to boil, his anger bubbling over into a hellish, supernatural rage. Red Lion is a gladiator of more than 20 years experience - a practical eternity in the deadly environment of the pits, and is accordingly a melee combatant of nigh unparalleled skill and ferocity. In addition to his prowess in combat, Red Lion has become a skilled archer and accomplished tracker, finding the focus of archery to be an effective meditation against the rage that bubbles in his blood.


    Once a gladiator and a slave, the fighter known as Red Lion was experimented on by mages using blood magic and other demonic arts, infecting his blood with rage and fury, turning him into a deadly fighter. It wasn't for years, fighting and slaughtering in the pits, that the rage finally faded long enough for the fighter known as Red Lion to consider his situation, and make his escape. Now, confronted with his past deeds and the inhuman rage that still dwells in his blood, Red Lion hopes the glory of the hunt will be enough to make whatever gods exist consider his place in the heavens.

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