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That's not it at all. It's establishing an artificial decision making process. It's the same process for designing a character; the first step is inventing an artificial moral or logical code that governs their decisions moment to moment. In this case, my ADM means that any dilemmas or problems I experience I solve by running it through those principles rather than whatever feels good at the time. Concepts that jar with the principles need to be re-evaluated.

It's like a constitution for your brain, you have to solve problems within the framework you've mentally established.
Whoops. Forgot to reply to this one.

You're right. I was trying to say one thing, and wound up saying another.

Stepping back, and looking at your Principles again, I think what struck me was how different they read when compared to, say, AW's Principles. They fulfill the same function, as you pointed out, but AW's Principles have been refined and distilled down to short, snappy phrases, meant to teach other MC's how to run a game. But this isn't a handbook meant for others, this is a framework to help in your design process for this particular game. It makes sense that it would read differently, and it's interesting - for me at least - to compare the two.