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    Ok, so, I've noticed the rash of WW based games, and thought I'd try to make a (admittedly more complicated) version of it. Raistlin's version inspired me a lot, so sorry if you feel this is too close to a copy. Please tell me what you think of it so far. It might be a bit too complicated to run, though...but I thought I'd try and see what you guys thought before I dismissed it entirely.

    The roles and rough numbers of roles:

    NOBILITY (10 - 24)

    Emperor/Empress (1)
    Heir/Heiress (1)
    Court-Appointed Investigator (1)
    Captain of the Guard (1)
    Imperial Guardsmen (4 - 8)
    Consort (1 - 4)
    Noble (1 - 8)

    PEASANTRY (10 - 40)

    Curious Peasant (1 - 4)
    Drunkard (1 - 4)
    Lovers (2 - 8)
    Peasant (6 - 24)

    REBELLION (Initially 4 - 8)

    Rebel Leader (1)
    Rebel Spy (1)
    Rebel (2 - 6)

    You can see they're split up into 3 groups. We'll call these NOBILITY, PEASANTRY, and REBELLION.

    The Rebel Leader picks his group of rebels. He also picks the Rebel Spy. Each night, the Rebels can assassinate one person. Every four nights, the Rebels can choose to assassinate someone or approach someone to join their rebellion. The person approached does not have to join the rebellion.
    The Rebel leader appears as a peasant, as he has prepared for the rebellion and makes sure to leave no traces of his actions.

    The Peasants do not know each other. Every day, the peasantry band together and incite a lynch mob, choosing one person to kill. The rebellion members of the peasantry also vote in this section.

    The Nobles do not know each other. Every day, the nobles hold an imperial court session and find one person guilty of treason. The rebellion members of nobility also vote in this section.

    ((If that wasn't clear, the rebels kill one every night or they can send an anonymous invitation to rebellion to one person every 4th night. Everyone votes every day, but noble votes are counted separately from peasant and rebel ones.))

    The Investigator, Spy, and Curious Peasant can investigate one person nightly. They can find the alignment but not the position of the person they investigate. The exception is the rebel spy, who can see position but not alignment. The Drunkard thinks he is investigating someone, but his mind is so addled that he can't tell the alignment properly.

    ((Basically, 3 different kinds of seer and 1 kind of fool))

    Everyone knows who the Emperor/Empress is. The Emperor/Empress is immune from the court trials aside from unanimous vote and is protected from the lynch mobs and assassins as long as at least one member of the Imperial Guard is still alive. The Emperor's vote counts thrice.

    The Heir becomes Emperor upon the Emperor's demise. The Heir's vote counts twice.

    The Captain of the Guard directs the guardsmen to protect one person during the night. He is a guardsman.

    The Imperial Guardmen know each other. Their loyalty is strong, therefore, they cannot join the rebellion on the first attempt to sway them.

    The Consorts each know the identity of one noble. Should that noble die, the consort dies as well. The noble does not know his consort or die if his consort dies. The consort cannot join the rebellion unless his or her noble is a member of the rebellion.

    The Lovers are bound together by fate. Should one die, so does the other.


    The Rebellion wins by eliminating the Emporer and all non-rebel-aligned nobles. They also win should the heir become rebel-aligned and rise to the throne.

    The Nobility wins by eliminating the Rebels. The Heir wins if the Nobility wins and he has succeeded the Emperor. The Imperial Guard win if the Nobility wins and either the Emperor or the Heir is still alive. The Nobles win if the Nobility wins and neither the Emperor nor the Heir is still alive.

    The Peasantry win by surviving the rebellion. That's it. Life sucks when you're a peasant. :P

    NOTE: Rebels have a class as well as an alignment. They may also have a profession.

    NOTE ON CONVERSION: To convert someone, the rebels must PM me a person they choose to convert. I will then PM the person who is to be converted. On a refusal to convert, there is a 10% chance that a random rebel will be identified by the approached person. On a refusal to convert, the rebels can choose to attack the proposed person. There is a 20% chance of the person being slain and a 10% chance of a random rebel being slain in the ensuing battle. The battle takes place only if the person approached refuses and the rebels have chosen to attack on refusal.

    Anyway, your thoughts?

    Players Signed Up (19 of minimum 20 people):

    Atreyu the Masked LLama
    Lord Magtok
    [Insert Neat Username Here]
    Eldritch Knight
    Captain van der Decken
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