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Thread: Rebellion (In Progress)

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    Default Re: Rebellion (A WW version in the making. Your thoughts?)

    The Rebellion wins by eliminating the Emporer and all non-rebel-aligned nobles. They also win should the heir become rebel-aligned and rise to the throne.

    The Nobility wins by eliminating the Rebels. The Heir wins if the Nobility wins and he has succeeded the Emperor. The Imperial Guard win if the Nobility wins and either the Emperor or the Heir is still alive. The Nobles win if the Nobility wins and neither the Emperor nor the Heir is still alive.

    The Peasantry win by surviving the rebellion. That's it. Life sucks when you're a peasant. :P
    And it would appear that within the normal vote for the day, the noble's votes are counted in a secondary poll as well, thus possibly elminating two different people.
    IE: The voting for the day is split between player A and player B.
    Player B actually has more votes, but the majority of Nobles voted for player A.
    Thus both players are removed.

    That's what it looks like to me anyway.

    [edit] Actually, after having reread it, it looks as if the Nobles can send in a kill of thier own during the night (just as the Rebels) if they so choose.

    Could be either one.
    Is either of these correct, Cobra?
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