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Thread: Rebellion (In Progress)

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    Default Re: Rebellion (A WW version in the making. Your thoughts?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Miatog View Post
    I some questions.

    1. Seeing how there are three groups, what are the win conditions for each group?

    2. Also, are the rebals just among the pesants, or also the nobles?

    3a. If both, then is the court just for nobles?

    3b. If not, then what's the court for?
    1. I tried explaining the win conditions at the bottom. Which parts are unclear?

    2. Both peasant and noble can become rebels, however, the rebels all start from peasant origins. I might change that, though...good question.

    3. The court is for the votes of all nobles. Everyone votes together, so the identities are kept relatively safe, but they're tallied separately.

    Does that help? It came off a spur-of-the-moment idea, so it's still quite rough...

    EDIT: Yes, Shadow, two people die every day. I realize that this game needs a pretty large player base...

    MORE EDIT: The nobles do not get a nightly kill. Where do you see that? I'll fix it, but I can't find it.
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