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    Celticbear's Character Summary:

    Jonas: Evil Robot Cyborg with a love of genetics (Link)

    Xavouir Markard / Kitty: Dynamic duo fighting for truth and justice. Xavouir is kind of insane though. (Link)

    Kurrack Lai: Kroot Shaper with prophetic visions and shamantic powers (Link)

    The Riverman: Evil Daemonic Demi-God of water, very powerful (Link)

    Ne-Gok-Sa: Alein Warlord followed by his bloodthirsty alien dogs. (Link)

    Harold Philips: Just you're average immortal joe. (Link)

    Lucimar the Lich Wolf: Warg bodied Lich. (Link)

    Doctor Jones: Little voodoo preist (Link)

    Unaabhi: Mi-Go surgeon who works for GloG (Link)

    Joe Bob: Morally Gray Lighting Spirit (Link)
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    Nexus Characters

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