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mettle/imp mettle-- i think this could be too powerful, maybe only apply it to will or fortitude.
also is this under all conditions? or are there specific conditions as with evasion?
Lots of other classes get these abilities, and I'm wanting to say they get it earlier than this guy.

OMDG! Improved Death Blow is just too powerful for it to be a 2nd level ability. Every Assasin do a 2 lvl dip into this class or would just progress in this class instead. I sugest moving that ability to at least level 5 or 6
Really? I don't think coup de grace's really get used that much - all they let you do is spend time killing guys who are already out of the fight. Besides, an assassin would have to be 11th level to even dip in this class, assuming they took the most direct route to the assassin PrC. I see no problem here.

For this, you will probably want to list the levels.
It's literally each subsequent level - 9th and 10th. I don't think I need to get more specific there.