It's an age of discovery and wonder in the lands of Rokugan. Since the reintroduction of foreigners and gaijin pepper into the public eye of Rokugan, technology harnessing its power has flourished. Trains and firearms are now mainstays of the Rokugani landscape and culture where pistols are carried at the waist of Samurai as readily as their daisho and Iron Dragons (trains) turn arduous, weeks-long overland routes between lands, into pleasurable trips cutting travel times drastically.

While technology has flourished, some still cling to the traditions of the past, eschewing the advancements made over the last 3 and a half centuries since the events of Empress Hantei Meisho and her contemporaries. Heimin and samurai alike rebuke these advancements for a simpler life. Many amongst the clans feel that these advancements wear away at the soul and push the empire from the guidance of the heavens.

What path will our players choose in this brave new time?

Welcome to Iron Rokugan!