The youngsters have all received letters of their coming assignments:

Spoiler: Takahiro & Yawarakai
Spoiler: Takahiro's Letter

I hope this letter finds you well. I’ve heard you’ve made your way to Toshi Ranbo as a guest of the Crane. Your sister has told me all about the arrangement made and we’ll be happy to have you serve as a yojimbo with the Hare Delegation on the premise of working alongside the Crane to promote a lasting peace between our clans.

We will continue to work out the Details and I’ll speak to you within the week of your arrival.

In the spirit of Peace,

Usagi Mako,

Head of Hare Clan Delegation, Toshi Ranbo

The boredom you felt in this week you been traveling has been unprecedented. You've watched your captor politely settle a squabble between Daidoji children, pray at seemingly every roadside temple or shrine even heal an injured heimin. His genial nature has only been stunted when you raised his ire by trying to undermine him at every turn. But even for all your attempts, once you all arrived in Toshi Ranbo, his attitude was as pleasant and upbeat as ever. By the time you'd made it to the disgustingly lavish Crane Embassy he was positively beaming.
Spoiler: Letter From Sanada
Congratulations on your recent nuptials! I pray your wife is every bit as thoughtful and caring as you are. I understand you have also received a rather unique “dowry”, but do not be discouraged.

Toshi Ranbo is a excellent place for you to make a name for yourself and carve out your destiny. I’m very proud of your accomplishments so far and know is it is only the beginning for a talented shugenja. Your newest directives have you working with Doji Okiko-san. It’s a shame, she finds herself unmarried and I thought you may have been a fine match. You’ll get to see yourself if I’m correct.

Best of luck and Carry the Fortunes,
Asahina Sanada

Family Representative, Kyuden Doji

You make haste and in less that a weeks time, you arrive in the Imperial City. Toshi Ranbo it a massive city even larger than the town surrounding Kyuden Doji. The hustle and bustle of the workers and merchants make the city feel alive as you pass through Kurai District. You see many samurai training in the dojo or heading to their appointments as you approach the embassies from the south. The banners of you clan flowing in the early morning breeeze reveal its location as you politely make your way through to the gates. Two well-appointed but gruff Daidoji stand guard at the embassy's entrance.

"Please state you name and business, visitor."

Spoiler: Oboro Setsuna
Spoiler: Letter from Mother

Congratulations on your first mission in Toshi Ranbo, I understand you’ll be training with an former Owl Smith while there. Exciting as that may be, Your duty is to be seen as a face for the clan in matters of court. I expect your work there to be as meticulous and precise as it would be if you were smithing a weapon. Your potential is great. Do not let your focus waver.

You’ll be meeting with Oboro Dankichi, Head of our Delegation in the Toshi Ranbo. He will guide you in all courtly manners but you will be groomed to take his position. He honestly should’ve retired years ago but his skills are too invaluable. Learn well from him.

I expect your father and I to hear only the best about you while you’re away.

Carry the Fortunes,


3 weeks. 3 weeks of rough weather, fetid swamps, bad teas, and Lion samurai finally gave way to the walls surrounding Toshi Ranbo. You enter on the Western side of the Kurai district. The heimin children move aside as the caravan you traveled the last leg of your journey with ambles through. You able to feel the city's energy as you hear the chatter off the people. Samurai and heimin alike are conversing. The sound of steel being forged stirs the spirit but you remember your mother’s letter and disembark at the embassy of the Minor Clans. A relatively drab location comparatively but the people are anything but. You easily get past the guards a make your way inside.

Once inside a pleasant young woman greets you.
“Good morning, Owl-san! Are you here to speak with Dankichi-sama?”

Spoiler: Yasuki Osuki
Spoiler: Letter from Akahime

I hope this letter finds you profitable. The renown of you quality armaments has reached the ears of the Imperial city and now you name is being murmured in the courts as a possible supplier of arms for Imperial guardman and Courtier alike. The craftsmanship of many simply doesn’t measure up. The Crab and Yasuki are very proud at the mention of Osuki Arms.

Also of growing renown, are the salacious rumors of your penchant for carousing, gambling, womanizing, and several other things completely unbecoming of a samurai. These rumors make it extremely difficult to promote your arms without getting side-tracked, fielding questions from other delegation about these aforementioned rumors. While I personally dont believe the quality of the man dictates the quality of the goods he sales. It’s a much easier sell if you were seen as a man of virtue instead of a despoiler of it.

I’ll see you on your visit to Toshi Ranbo. I’ve heard the Bear have sent another Sunflower to gain better understanding of the making of firearms. I pray for all our sakes she’s made of sturdier stuff than the last two.

Carry the Fortunes,

Yasuki Akahime,

Head of Crab Delegation, Toshi Ranbo

“Osuki!” Akahime calls from down a hallway in the Crab Embassy. “How have you been?! It's been quite some time since I've seen you last, cousin. Please have a seat.” She says, motioning you into her office and gesturing to the excessive pile of pillows gathered underneath a low table in the center of the room.

“Tell me, Have you met the latest maiden sent to you from the Bear? I’ve heard she is very… diligent.”

Spoiler: Himawari Hitomi
Spoiler: Letter from Momoko
Congratulation on your newest post as my assistant. As luck would have it I have great need of someone with your temperament and purity. Your mission may take you into dangerous places with the absolute filth this world has to offer but I know that YOU will be able to handle all with the grace and righteousness that is fitting of a Sunflower Maiden.

You have already met the Yasuki Representative to help you learn the ins and outs of the Gunsmithing trade. Osuki-san is a roguish sort: handsome and charming but completely unscrupulous. Be on your guard at all times the last 2 sent on their mission asked to become courtiers after some compromising actions of theirs came to light. I’m counting on you as your Daimyo and your friend.

Carry the Fortunes,
Himawari Momoko

Himawari Daimyo, Commander of the Sunflower Maidens
"I hate this place." Momoko said in a growl. "There's nothing here for me. No glory to be gained in these damned courts. Just talking incessant prattle from people undeserving of our presence. The quicker we're able to receive all the intel necessary from Yasuki-san the better." By the way... How does he fare? I saw him looking particularly bored at one of productions the Crane was putting on. He seemed much more interested in one of the attendants than in the show." She beams. Anyone who is within earshot could tell how she feels when talking about him. She nearly floats at the thought of him.
"Oh by the way," Momoko says evening her tone. "There's to be an unveiling of the newest locomotive prototype from the Kaiu for Iweko's Ascension to the throne. We shall attend. Make sure Yasuki-san attends."she says with a wicked smile

Spoiler: Kaiu Nisa
Spoiler: Nisa's Letter
Congratulations on your newest post. Tsumasa-sama expects great things from you. Getting to work with a smith as prominent as the retired Izumo-sensei is a great honor may your destiny shine as bright as you talents!

Speaking to the Yasuki Matchmaker, it seems they’re actively looking to find a spouse that is a suitable match for one with your particular tastes. There are several suitors that are being looked into further and some even reside in Toshi Ranbo. It would be quite a gift of Benten to find your love and be matched to them.

Best of Luck and may the Fortunes guide you,
Kaiu Denba

Representative of Crab Delegation, Toshi Ranbo
“Nisa-chan, pry yourself from those plans for a moment. I need your youthful speed.” Kaiu Izumo says, absently scratching his chin. The old man is quickly scribbling a list. “Here. Take this list to the quartermaster back at the embassy.” He says, placing his personal chop on the parchment and handing it to you. “I would send a messenger, but I need you to make sure that list is followed to the utmost detail.”