Spoiler: DM: Wataru

*After leaving the embassy grounds/eyesight, Nisa stops Wataru, pulls an extra piece of rope from the handcart, cuts it in half and ties one piece to each hand hold. She creates a loop big enough for a hand on each rope. She pulls a clean rag from her belt pouch, hands it to Wataru and then instructs him to grab one of the loops. She grabs the other.*

Now we can both pull. Sensei wanted this order sooner rather than later. Use the rag to hold the rope and it will prevent your hand from becoming injured.

*Grabs the rope hand hold without a rag and glances around again.*

Wataru, first, thank you for your assistance with Sensei's needed inventory. I am glad you were available today. It has expedited the process.

It has been a while since we were able to talk, and I have missed discussing the inner workings and benefits potential to the Chancellor's water system. Your insight into heimin duties was most helpful. Creating a system that can help everyone do better allowed me to improve an already solid design.

*pauses briefly*

I have two questions for you.

One, do you know of a artisan that is astuto... ah... practical enough to help me *cringes* embellish the design while still maintaining functionality and cost effectiveness? The Imperial Chancellor wants it to look nice. I thought about Izumo-Sensei but he is a crafter and artisan of metal more than stone.

Two, is Yasuki-sama the only one who so forc... mmm... eargerly... enjoys your company?